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Lesbian and gay erotica in new Swing anthology out today in print

In a collection of swinging stories, along with straight couples, one would expect a fair amount of bisexual women. After all, bisexual women have long been a staple of the American swinging scene. However, Swing! also contains a few stories that are entirely lesbian or gay.

1. Unpacking an Adventure is lesbian swinging erotica by lesbian author TreSart L. Sioux.

"Unpacking An Adventure is about two lesbian lovers that seem to be lacking action in the bedroom. They have just moved from the busy city life to a small town in hope of finding their passion for each other." (TreSart L. Sioux)

TreSart L. Sioux has been writing for several years. She has seven published books with Renaissance and three more in the works. She is currently writing articles on health and sports. TreSart has been in the art scene for the past twenty years. Her media ranges from pen and ink, photography, erotic, animation and sculpting. She has traveled to Paris, Jamaica, and hiking in California to broaden her talent in photography and other areas. Visit TreSart's website.

2. Just Desserts is lesbian swinging erotica by lesbian author Tawanna Sullivan.

"In Just Desserts, a lesbian couple who’ve just experienced the family reunion from hell find themselves stranded in an airport. The situation seems dire until they meet a sexy duo." (Tawanna Sullivan)

Tawanna Sullivan is the webmaster for Kuma, a website which encourages black lesbians to write and share erotica. Her work has appeared in Longing, Lust, and Love: Black Lesbian Stories, Iridescence: Sensuous Shades of Lesbian Erotica, Purple Panties, Best Lesbian Erotica 2009 and Spirited: Affirming the Soul and Black Gay/Lesbian Identity. She lives in New Jersey with her civil union partner, Martina.  Visit Tawanna's website.

03/07/2009 18:45